Every one of us living on this planet is looking for inspiration. Music is one medium, among many, that inspires.

Since 1997, Musik Zentral has set itself the task of inspiring everyone who is looking for inspiration.


Nature and culture: Often a landscape or a region inspired an artist, composer, writer or painter. As a result we enjoy  their spiritual output. In the museum, in the concert hall, in the video or living room. But what about the other way around? If we bring these fruits of inspiration back to where they came from, together with an audience and motivated artists? Back to the landscapes, churches and monasteries, the lakes or mountain tops... But also to the often wonderful auditoriums of hospitals and universities. This is exactly what Musik Zentral strives to do.  


For such adventurous performances, organizers and musicians need a lot of courage. But thousands of enthusiastic listeners and spectators confirm our recipe for success. The Austrian television as well as the Japanese NHK program dedicated contributions about us.